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1 billion crypto-users: Elrond’s daunting goal, which reveals the global Maïar application

1 billion crypto-users: Elrond’s daunting goal, which reveals the global Maïar application

Feb 1, 2021 Bitcoin von admin

What could be more symbolic? After crossing a value of $ 1 billion, the official launch of Maiar , head of the Elrond Gold project, is finally on track. Let’s discover in detail the ambitions carried by Beniamin Mincu, CEO emblematic of a protocol in the making.

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Time and technology

The Elrond company , a leading European startup, has a clear goal: it wants to be at the origin of the biggest wave of crypto adoption ever. To do this, one of the major applications of its ecosystem, Maiar , is introduced with great fanfare. This new payment platform is in direct competition with the giants Paypal, Google Pay and Revolut.

Bitcoin Trader review will be able to rely on a major technology: the Elrond blockchain is capable of performing 100,000 transactions per second . In addition to extreme fluidity, the costs associated with this new payment network are anecdotal. Users will be able to take a new step forward in the way they interact with their money, assets and digital properties.

Money is the best way to make something that is fundamentally not fungible: our time . We built Maiar to help you take back control.

Adoption objective

Indeed, the advantages offered by blockchain technology are still not very visible. Users expect an intuitive, easy-to-use solution with features that can compete with the best payment applications . Maiar was therefore designed to address these shortcomings, and enlist an unprecedented wave of users.

Billions of people are able to send messages to their contacts in a convenient, intuitive way and at almost no cost. Maiar and the Elrond blockchain now offer the same experience with currency

Benjamin Mincu, CEO of Elrond

By placing the user at the center of its ecosystem, Maiar allows each smartphone owner to set up an electronic wallet and transfer value (and this in a few seconds!). No more complex sending and receiving addresses , users can define an @herotag to carry out their transactions. With the snap of a finger, money can be transferred around the world, almost instantly, with minimal fees.

Progressive security and incentive mechanisms will be key elements in the adoption of Maiar. The application aims to offer a refreshing experience, and revolutionize the transfer of value on the internet.

Over 300,000 users have registered for priority access to Maiar . They will soon be joined by a wave of new arrivals. Indeed, the application is now available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.