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ETH 2.0 poses risk to Grayscale’s Ethereum mutual funds

ETH 2.0 poses risk to Grayscale’s Ethereum mutual funds

Okt 4, 2020 Bitcoin von admin

An incorrect implementation of ETH 2.0 could have negative effects on investors in the ETHE security.

According to the last public annual report of the crypto investment fund Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE) to the American Securities and Exchange Commission, the upgrade from Ethereum (ETH) to the so-called proof-of-stake consensus procedure could have „negative effects“ on the market value of the fund’s security to have.

Bitcoin Millionaire recently filed an application with the SEC to become a reporting company. In order to obtain this status, companies must disclose to the exchange supervisory authority in each annual report which risk factors there could be for further price development.

In one section, the crypto investment fund therefore points out that upgrading the Ethereum blockchain to ETH 2.0 does entail risks for investors in ETHE:

„The consensus procedure of a crypto network is a fundamental part of its programming code, which is why an incorrect implementation could have negative effects on the price of Ethereum and the price of our securities.“
In this regard, the annual report states that an incorrect implementation of the upgrade could result in a so-called hard fork, i.e. a breakdown of the cryptocurrency, which would also affect the ETHE security.

Total value of the assets invested in ETHE. Source: Digital Assets Data

Nevertheless, the potential risk does not seem to deter interested investors from the fund so far. On the contrary, because the value of the assets invested in ETHE even grew exponentially in the past year. It went from $ 67 million to $ 800 million in this period. The Ethereum price has almost doubled in the same time, while the ETHE price has increased more than tenfold .